Why dating apps are good for our libido

Through the dating applications (NRJ, meetic, adopteunmec, …), sometimes looking for love, soul mate, sometimes we are looking for an adventure without a future, an unforgettable story, a lasting friendship … One thing is sure, it’s all about libido. Of course, not only the libido taken in its strict sense that is limited to sexual desire, but this libido which is a whole process, a concept, a set of behaviors.

Fight against our fear of loneliness

We humans are not made to live in solitude and we are even scared of it. For example, when talk, chat or we say to our darling that we want to be alone, when we sometimes let go of the phrase “Leave me alone, I want to be alone”, in fact, it does not matter. is nothing. In our confused heart and our inner self, we can be confronted with various situations:

Either we want to flee, but unfortunately we can not. We are only confronting our memories that do not leave us alone.

Either we want to be alone, but again, that’s not possible. Here we are again to communicate with our memories (the very ones we want to flee, the very ones for which we want to stay alone).

Either we want to take a break. But, again, we can not do it. The person with whom we have quarreled always accompanies us through memories.

In this case, the loneliness that we believe to be a refuge has become unbearable for us. The issue? The search of the company.

We do it in different ways:

By reconnecting with the person
Looking for comfort elsewhere, to change ideas;
Turning the page and starting from scratch

No matter how we fight loneliness, the fact is we need companionship. And the creators of Meetic, NRJ Chat, Adopteunmec and other dating apps that swarm on the net are aware. They compete for strategies to promote meetings and retain the thirsty companies and meeting.
What can the dating apps do for our libido

There are many ways to encourage dating. If physical meetings in clubs, proms, clubs and bars or meetings organized by clubs or dating agencies, dating sites via “speed”, “slow” or “group” ┬╗Dating are always news, more recently, we saw flourish the famous dating applications. But what more do they have compared to other means and especially what do they bring to our libido?

Dating apps, tools at your fingertips

Nothing is easier, just have a smartphone, download the free apps or for payment (if you want more privileges) and here we are in front of user profiles that may interest us. It only remains to slide left or right, to “charm” … the profile that corresponds to our expectations, and wait for it “matche” … and here it is.

Same goals, same goals

When we use these apps, we can be sure that other users have the same goals as us: to have meetings (and more if affinities) to boost our libido. Indeed, libido, we said is not limited to “simple” sexual desire and its satisfaction.

It begins with seduction, and even before (a solid preparation like self-esteem, the psychological preparation of the meeting, the first meeting …)

Proximity and recoil, two alliances that constitute major assets

Geolocation is one of the major assets of most dating applications. When we use them, most of them display users who are nearby. So, we are reassured that there is someone or a few in the area who might need our company.

At the same time, we have the necessary perspective to prepare ourselves to face it. It is the timid who will rejoice.

Easy, instantaneous and responsive

Dating applications are easy to use. Again, just click, love, slide, charm (it is according to the application) on the profile that seduced us and “decline” the one we like less. Then if it’s mutual, we can immediately start the conversation.

Step by step

By using these applications, one is also sure not to burn stages. And above all, it is easy to stop at any time (except of course, if we have gone through all the steps and we are already engaged in “serious”).

The ball is in “our” camp

Throughout the stages of the use of dating applications, we decide. We decide which profile we will like, we decide if we want to “match” with a user who has loved us, we decide if we want to take another step …

We are only linked with other users of the application. In short, we are masters of our destiny.

The dating apps according to tastes and needs

Applications meet, there are so many that we do not know which to choose. We will try to group them according to tastes and needs.

General applications

These are applications that favor all meetings in general, whether they are in love, friendship or erotic. They record users from all walks of life. Meetic and Tinder are, for example, part of these sites.

Applications according to the locality

There are applications that benefit only one locality and others that benefit larger areas. Ok Cupid is used worldwide while Speedflirt is a French-language application used massively in Quebec.

Applications according to the purpose

We can also choose dating apps depending on whether we like an adventure without a future, a naughty adventure, a virtual meeting, lasting relationships, a special friendship or a friendship at all.

There are also applications for adulterous relationships. Edenflirt is for example specialized in naughty relationships. Edarling, on the other hand, promotes serious relationships.

Applications by sex, age group, marital status, inclinations or category of users

Other applications benefit specific categories of users. Adopting a guy, for example, rather benefits girls. Gleeden is designed for extra-marital relationships. Grindr is made especially for the homosexual community.

As a conclusion :

The dating apps are good for our libido as soon as we sign up, even if they do not necessarily lead to sex.
appplications encounter tinder

Indeed :

know that there are thousands, millions of people who, as we are looking for relationships, sensations,
know that we can seduce and that we can be seduced,
test and implement our power of seduction without fear and in complete freedom (by instant messages) …

They just flatter our libido and boosts it even by pushing us to do things that we will not be able to do if the person we want to seduce was in front of us.