Different types of dating sites

Presentation of dating sites, services offered to singles, their strengths but also their differences.

A dating site is an internet service that allows Internet users to get in contact with each other in order to, in general, create a romantic relationship.

To access these sites, the user must provide via a set of forms, personal information that will describe it as accurately as possible. This information can be multiple and varied. There are pictures, personality tests, information on the physical, the marital status of people, children, etc.

Each person has their own account which they can access via a username or an email address and a password. Dating sites must declare, with the CNIL, the contents of their database and put in place control and supervision tools to prevent data piracy.

Dating sites therefore function as C2C services and offer a meeting place conducive to connecting people and developing romantic or friendly relationships.

According to its business model, a dating site offers a paid subscription system with a degression of amounts depending on the duration of the subscription, a completely free system or a mixed system. In general, if basic services are found in most sites, value-added services are more the preserve of paid dating sites because they require additional human and logistical resources (security, authentication of members, control over input, matching system, custom caoching, etc.).

If the dating sites known to the general public are often the generalist sites (Meetic, AdopteUnMec, Badoo, …), other sites have deployed a strategy of niche strategy (cougars, gays, political parties, etc.) and address well-targeted single populations.

To choose a dating site, it is necessary for the single to analyze well what type of relationship he seeks, for what purpose and what he wants in terms of reliability and security.

In terms of looking for love, the behavior of singles can be very different. There are single patients, who tend to favor meetings with their professional, friendly or family and other more determined who decide to find new levers meeting via these dating sites. In general, behaviors change over time and we find that dating sites are especially useful for singles in personal reconstruction who seek to reconnect with a sentimental dynamic.

Be that as it may, for either category of these singles, dating sites will allow them to open new horizons of love, expand their circles of knowledge in a simple and practical way.

However, do not neglect the time-consuming side of these sites. It is estimated that an active single person spends an average of 2 to 3 hours per day on this type of site. It is for this reason that we associate more and more dating sites with community sites that have a comparable daily duration of use.

Some dating sites like UnDeuxToi register at the crossroads of the classic dating site and the marriage agency by offering a personalized accompaniment of the single person. Thus, the latter is no longer alone behind his screen but will receive regular advice to create an attractive profile that will highlight, contact other members or how to maintain his relationship start for it to register in the duration.

In terms of age category, seniors are increasingly active on dating sites. This is a direct consequence of the aging of the first Internet users. Remember that in France, the Internet was still almost completely unknown end of the 90s.

Assuming that the online dating is suitable for those seeking first love, as well as those who want to rebuild their lives, but also to those who just want to have fun, some sites put especially the focus on the universal nature of the meeting: this is also the most general dating sites that do not guide the single person and let singles interact with each other without prior filter.

Now let’s talk about the different types of dating site.

Dating sites by affinity

The meeting by affinities also called by “matchmaking” are interested in affinities common to people. They go beyond the comparison of a few criteria (age group, marital status, children …) by offering more in-depth compatibility studies via lists of criteria more provided (cinema, sport, activities, …).

Dating sites by psychological compatibility

The dating sites by psychology compatibility offers a matchmaking service reponsant on tests sometimes of ten pages in order to suggest to the members of the contacts who potentially are most likely to form a harmonious couple.

Some rely on the work of renowned psychologists, Hugo Schmale for Parship, American anthropologist Helen Fisher for Chemistry.com, Carl Gustav Jung for UndeuxToi.com.

Dating sites by niche

The other dating sites often work by niche and find their interest only by the population they group.

You will find for example:

dating sites by political affinity
dating sites by musical affinity
community or religious meeting sites
libertine dating sites
dating sites according to astral compatibility
dating sites for bikers, football fans, etc.

The users of these sites thus identify with the theme of the site to make it their main search criterion. Criterion that replaces all those who are usually more common and logical. It is clear, however, that if the showcase looks different, the behavior and habits of Internet users inside these sites remain substantially the same as elsewhere