Why dating apps are good for our libido

Through the dating applications (NRJ, meetic, adopteunmec, …), sometimes looking for love, soul mate, sometimes we are looking for an adventure without a future, an unforgettable story, a lasting friendship … One thing is sure, it’s all about libido. Of course, not only the libido taken in its strict sense that is limited to sexual desire, but this libido which is a whole process, a concept, a set of behaviors.

Fight against our fear of loneliness

We humans are not made to live in solitude and we are even scared of it. For example, when talk, chat or we say to our darling that we want to be alone, when we sometimes let go of the phrase “Leave me alone, I want to be alone”, in fact, it does not matter. is nothing. In our confused heart and our inner self, we can be confronted with various situations: Continue reading “Why dating apps are good for our libido”

Different types of dating sites

Presentation of dating sites, services offered to singles, their strengths but also their differences.

A dating site is an internet service that allows Internet users to get in contact with each other in order to, in general, create a romantic relationship.

To access these sites, the user must provide via a set of forms, personal information that will describe it as accurately as possible. This information can be multiple and varied. There are pictures, personality tests, information on the physical, the marital status of people, children, etc. Continue reading “Different types of dating sites”